Long Term Poker Goals are Very Important

Long Term Poker Goals are Very Important

Balancing is important in playing poker. You must know if a risk your taking is worth the reward. Sometimes odds are surprisingly good but the consequences are not as good. Check out the following examples:
Example 1 – One day a rich man approach you and gives a gun with six chambers. Then he told you that he’s going to give you $1,000,000 if you play a round of Russian Roulette.

A million is good enough for you in order not to work anymore and still live affluently. But getting it through this method is insane I know you have a big chance of winning it but what about 1 out 6 chances of you ending up dead just because you agreed with the man? Is it worth it?

Example 2 – You won the lottery and you took five million dollars. The same man propose that he’s going to give you $10,000,000, if its head in flip the coin game. If its tails then you’ll give him $5,000,000.
Ten million dollars is a big rewards but the risk that comes with it is so high. If the coin is flip and end up being tail then you lose the $5,000,000 that you should enjoy for the rest of your life. Think about it.
The example above are not really the same in playing poker but there are sort of the same. Sometimes just ti make a good decision you’re going to give up a positive EV.

Here’s one good example:
You’re in WSOP tournament because you one a free roll in a poker site. But in a particular moment you run out of chips and you’re only a player away from the bubble. If you make the money you’ll get a considerable $50,000. Someone told you that another player has been eliminated from the tourney. If you lose the hand, you’re going to run out of money because you are already short stacked.
At this particular hand you have a hole card of Aces. If you fold your hand you’ll win $50,000; if you play and lose you’ll get nothing and if you play and win you’ll get the blinds, or times two or three of the blind.
The thing is that even if you play and win the hand, you still have a little chance to move up on the tournament ladder. And also if you try to play then you’ll also take the risk in losing $50,000.

There will be times like this wherein you’ll have to weigh the risk involve even if the rewards are super high. Check out the odds of you, winning and losing. Sometimes the rewards is not worth the risk involve. So always think twice before you make any move.

Think about the examples mentioned above when you are in the tournament. Always think that there will be another chance, a better one, for you to move up and win good money in the game.
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